About Me

Dear Friends,

I first visited our land-based community back in 1981 when I was a wee lad of 22. I was not out to myself or my friends; meeting folks that lived alternative lifestyles outside of the hetero-normative world changed my life forever. Over the forty years that I have lived here, I can honestly say I have witnessed thousands of residents and visitors have a similar experience to mine, tapping into their true potential in this emotionally safe environment. Witnessing people’s personal growth and evolution has given me so much joy! 

My formative years were deeply impacted by my mother, who as a feminist, and member of the League of Women Voters fought for school desegregation in the 60’s, and promoted opportunities for migrant worker education in the 70’s. Witnessing my mother be a champion for causes to lift up those less fortunate, guided me to a path of being in service of helping to make the world a better place.

As an elder now in my community, I have organized dozens of rituals using the consensus process, attended hundreds of talking circles, worked to mediate conflicts, and organized hundreds of community events. 

In addition, I have considerable experience planning and implementing sustainable living projects and serve as an active board member/treasurer at a local nonprofit..  These experiences have helped me hone my skills in time-management and goal setting, and have allowed me to reach both personal and community goals.  My life’s work has been one of living—and achieving my goals—in alignment with my core values.

Recently, I had a major transition of my own and I decided to take the skills I’ve gained as a community leader and elder out into the wider world by becoming a certified life and spiritual coach. This new opportunity to tap into the synchronicity of the moment is both exciting and scary. I am grateful for all the unyielding support I’ve received over the years and am honored to offer that support and guidance to others.

Are you facing—or longing for—a major transition in your life? Let’s have a heart-to-heart talk soon.