Hi – I’m Daz’l – a life coach and queer elder who practices with a heart-based approach that honors each person’s uniqueness and creates a clear, achievable path towards personal transformation.

As a community leader, activist and peacemaker, I have decades of experience helping people in crisis or transition, as well as folks who are feeling “stuck” and seeking direction to life’s big questions.

Are you ready to embrace confidence, creativity, authenticity, resilience and freedom in your life?

In my 20’s I made a commitment to lower my impact on the planet. I can help you break down what is important and necessary based on your core values, so you can make choices to live a more fulfilling life. 

Are you ready to create positive change in your life by calling in the real desires of your heart?

Why Choose Me as Your Coach

I’m glad you found your way here, right now. Clearly you’re curious about the benefits of hiring a coach…and maybe wondering if I might be a good fit. 

My coaching practice may be different from others you have experienced:

  • I have an incredibly calming presence; my clients know they’re in a safe, supportive space from the very first meeting
  • I practice mindful listening, following up with intuitive questions, to uncover the deeper YOU
  • My coaching doesn’t feel overwhelming; we’ll collaborate at your pace and on your terms
  • A connection with nature is central to my spirit and practice; I like to start all sessions with a grounding exercise to aid our collaborative process
  • My background in sustainable, communal living has given me insights on how relationships impact our growth and happiness

Take that first small step towards transforming your life – book a no-obligation free initial discovery session.

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